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BTSL GmbH – 2,000 vehicles at our disposal!

BTSL GmbH has over 2,000 vehicles at its disposal. Our strength and your advantage lies above all in our well-developed network of partners and an integrated, high-performance scheduling system. We have been very successful with our concept for almost 20 years. We handle national transports within Germany with great care. International transports are also carried out conscientiously and reliably. We are able to arrange the vehicle required for your transport in Europe within the shortest possible time. The economic aspect of this type of transport should not be underestimated. Firstly, you save valuable time. Secondly, the staggered prices in the different vehicle categories will be very financially advantageous to you.

Flexibility and reliability are our strengths

Flexibility is another essential part of our international transport strategy. We organize the transport according to your wishes and specifications. A network of 2,000 vehicles makes for utmost flexibility and reliability! Complete logistic solutions for special and express deliveries are our speciality. From the placing of the order to the delivery of your consignment, you do not need to worry about anything. National transports are handled promptly within Germany. International transports are organised from Braunschweig in accordance with your requirements.

We deliver to the German North Sea islands

National transports not only take across Germany but also to the North Sea islands, the most remote parts of the country. The weather there is often bad, but we always manage to reach them! Our international transports take us right across Europe.

Our partner network is well-established and extensive. So if a transporter should break down, we will have access to replacement vehicles at all times and valuable time is not wasted.

If you have any questions or need advice, simply contact us by email or arrange a personal consultation.

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